LMP (MAP) Profile

The Leadership Maturity Profile, SCTi-LMP or as previously known as MAP (Maturity Assessment Profile) is a powerful tool in the assessment and development of leadership capacity.* The LMP is the outcome of 30 years of rigorous research on the part of Dr Susanne Cook-Greuter who expanded and refined the Washington University Sentence Completion Form developed by the distinguished psychologist Jane Loevinger. Initially Cook-Greuter validated the LMP both quantitatively and qualitatively as her doctoral dissertation at Harvard University. Later Cook-Greuter and Bill Torbert collaborated in the refinement of the LMP to adapt it for Business and Leadership field which now retains the names given to each stage of development by Bill Torbert.

The LMP reflects the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), an integral perspective of human development concerned with how we make sense of reality, which, in turn, influences how we think, feel, and behave. The framework reflects a deep and dynamic understanding of how and why individuals and organizations think and behave as they do and offers insightful, effective maps for individual and organizational development and change.

The LMP is currently the most rigorously validated and reliable assessment tool in developmental psychology. In addition, part of its effectiveness lies in its high levels of face validity; that is, it makes sense to clients helping them recognize their patterns of thinking and behavior and better understand their own strengths and what they can do to meet their personal and professional challenges. It analyzes and predicts based on the nine stages of meaning-making defined by the LMF through which individuals and groups pass as they develop and mature. Each successive stage reflects a higher level of complexity of thought and action as individuals and groups become more effective and insightful. Among the dimensions which are measured by the LMP are the level and quality of self-awareness, orientation to power, ability to see and understand complexity, capacity for collaboration, ability to give and receive feedback, and perspective relating to time.

The LMP is easy to administer and cost-effective in terms of the rich qualitative and quantitative information it produces. Dr Maja Stanojevic-Andre is certified and authorized to administer the LMP and coach utilizing the results of the LMP.

Additionally, IFDC is the authorized representative in Asia Pacific for administering and coaching using the LMP.